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Modern Asian

Fast/Quick Service Restaurant


Modern Asian Cuisine

Serving up flavors from China, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, Korea and India with a twist.


About our food

Modern Asian Cuisine is a new concept that has taken the country by storm, and we are proud to bring it to Frederick! Our menu is based on customers’ favorite dishes from all over South East Asia blending Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, Korean and Indian flavors with a delicious twist – a truly modern experience! Here at Wok In | Wok Out, we utilize the wide variety of amazing flavors and techniques from these cultures to create innovative dishes with an authentic taste.

Our service is quick, but we don’t cut corners. We are able to offer all the flavor and freshness in a fraction of the time thanks to our Wok, a technique that distributes high heat evenly and quickly, creating tasty dishes with vegetables that snap! Fresh ingredients are sourced from local Asian markets, and USDA grade proteins are marinated for at least three days to bring out their natural umami. Our wide variety of unique and delicious sauces are made in-house by our Chef.

At Wok In | Wok Out we believe that food can taste great without excessive use of oil, sugar, salt or MSG. For this reason, we employ techniques that allow us to utilize less of these ingredients and offer a healthier meal to our valued customers. 

Wok In | Wok Out - Asian done the right way!


The Kitchen

“Where the Wokking Happens”


About the Chef


Joshua Tjin Kiem Jien

(Chef de Cuisine)

Born in Miami but raised in Suriname, Josh’s passion for food came at young age when helping his mom in the kitchen as an ‘‘assistant chef”. Surinamese food is a unique combination of cuisines originating in China, India, Indonesia, Africa, Europe, Latin-America and many more.

Developing an interest in such culinary fusion as a child, his budding passion for multicultural cuisine lead him to the United States where he completed an Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts. His career as a chef flourished as he served in prestigious restaurants at The Ritz Carlton, The Wynn Hotel, Hard Rock Cafe and Hakkasan Group (the Fontainebleau). During this journey, he worked with some of the country’s best chefs who helped him become the chef he is today. His Chinese Wok training came from master chefs from China and Hong Kong; and he learned Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese cuisine from well-experienced chefs in his travels.

He and his partner decided to share their love of Modern Asian Cuisine with their home town by opening a restaurant to bring an eclectic dining experience to their neighborhood.

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